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Plenty of Fish Review 2023

Plenty of Fish Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 150 000 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • To send messages, you aren’t required to pay;
  • It doesn’t take much time to sign up;
  • An enormous number of users (more than 90 million members);
  • It’s useful for looking for a one-night stand and a partner for a long-term relationship;
  • Members of Plenty of Fish live all around the globe, and you will find a lover even located in a rural area;
  • The presence of a searching feature (it allows meeting the user that is the most suitable for you);
  • It’s possible to use a desktop version and a mobile app;
  • It’s free to see people who have viewed your profile.
  • Since this website is free, there can be some scammers whom you should avoid;
  • The competition between members is high because of the number of users;
  • It’s impossible to contact client support service using your phone;
  • To get access to more advanced features and avoid seeing any ads, needed to purchase a premium subscription;
  • It’s impossible to link the accounts on other social media websites such as Instagram or Facebook.

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The Main Information About Plenty of Fish

Bring to your attention Plenty of Fish review – it the site, also known as POF, is one of the most well-known platforms for online dating. Even though he was founded in 2003, it’s still frequently used by people looking for their true love or a hook up for a couple of nights. As the owners of Plenty of Fish affirm the users, this service is the largest one. Nowadays, there’re more than 90 million members who are located in different parts of the world. Moreover, the number of individuals looking for lovers increases every day. According to the statistics, about 3.6 million personal profiles are used daily regularly, and more than 10 million newcomers arrive at Plenty of Fish review each year.

POF is a great combination of a simple dating platform and a matching service. All people signed up here are permitted to search for their destinies only chosen several criteria that are considered the most meaningful for them. The matchmaking option is an amazing feature that allows seeing those members of POF who suit you the most. Furthermore, there’re dozens of other helpful functions on this dating website. To find out about them, read this Plenty of Fish review.

The Main Information About Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a website that has been operating for more than a dozen years. There are still a lot of people who are afraid of signing up this website because they think that this platform is filled with scammers. However, such a belief is vain. This website works legally. It means that third parties won’t gather the information that is provided by the members of POF. Furthermore, in case if a particular user doesn’t follow the rules of the website, there’s a high risk that the managers of POF will block the person who behaves inappropriately.

One more thing that helps Plenty of Fish review increase the protection of its permanent members is the verification process. In this case, people who sign up are required to provide their telephone numbers. After that, they will receive a message on their phone. So, it allows confirming the data provided by users.

To feel safe, Plenty of Fish recommends members to buy a premium membership. It will help to disabled people who use free versions to send text messages. Moreover, a paid subscription is a great choice for those members who are eager to get along with more users and get access to more advanced features, including detailed services.

Is Plenty of Fish a Legal Website?

Who Are the Main Users of This Website?

POF is a website that is used in different parts of the world. That’s why almost one hundred million members have signed up on the website, and this enormous number increases each day. One of the essential reasons why Plenty of Fish review is so demanded by people looking for their lovers is that it can be used in different languages, including:

  • English;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • German.

Such a huge variety of languages allows finding an interlocutor not simply in your country but in the area where you live. It doesn’t matter if you are in a crowded city or a rural area. You will always be able to meet someone you can communicate with, not bothering about the time of the conversation. However, since this online platform was founded in the USA, most of the members are situated in this country. Talking about the gender of the members using Plenty of Fish, essential to point out that males mostly use it. There’s about sixty percent of men on this service. The number of females is less, but you still can meet your destiny if you search for a while. It’s also significant to say that the interests and personal preferences of users are diverse. That’s why you can find your true soulmate even if you have an unusual hobby. Furthermore, to find out the themes, your point of interest is dedicated to, look at the materials that he posts on his account.

Who Are the Main Users of This Website?

Members’ Sexual Orientation

Plenty of Fish is a profitable platform for people who are heterosexual and homosexual. It’s possible to state your own gender and the gender you are looking for while signing up on the website. Furthermore, it’s possible to select a particular gender while utilizing a searching feature. Such an option is available for both types such as:

  • Basic Search for free accounts.
  • Advanced Search for a premium subscription.

How Old are the Users?

One more thing to say about the users of POF is the fact that the main audience of this dating website is young adults from 25 to 34 years old. Nevertheless, if you are older or younger than this age, you don’t have to worry because there are lots of members who are over 45. Furthermore, there’s a huge number of elderly members. So, you will find your lover even if you’re more than 55 years old. People who are less than 25 years old also use POF. Nevertheless, it’s forbidden to create a personal profile for a teenager who is younger than 18 years old. The main reason for this is that Plenty of Fish can contain a lot of intimate materials.

How old are the users?

How to Sign Up?

POF is available for those who use computers and mobile phones. To sign up on the website, possible to open a desktop version or download an app. Since the interface of this dating platform is user-friendly, this process will take no longer than 5 or 10 minutes. Furthermore, it’s absolutely free to get access to the main functions provided by the owners of Plenty of Fish. To make the signing up procedure faster, you ought to use this step to step instruction:

1. Go to the page with a signing up form.

2. Fill out the form. To become a member, you are required to provide only general information:

  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Email address;
  • Your gender;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your ethnicity;
  • The country where you live.

3. Before tapping on the button: «Continue!» read the Privacy Policy of Plenty of Fish and the document called Terms of Use. By getting acknowledged with these legal materials, you find out the rules of the platform and the activities that are strictly forbidden there.

4. Click on the button «Continue!» and get verified by receiving a message on your phone.

5. You have signed up and ready to start creating your account for meeting new people to date online. When you have signed up, you are permitted to log in by using your email address and password.

How to Sign Up?

Creating Your Account on Plenty of Fish

After signing up on this online platform, you can create a more personalized account to attract as many members as you need to find your fate. Firstly, the program allows you to answer a test that contains 20 questions. They are aimed to find out more about your appearance. In this test, you are required to provide such information:

  • Your height;
  • Hair color;
  • Body type;
  • Eye color.

Furthermore, there’re lots of questions in this test that are needed to learn more about you as a person because you should answer questions about:

  • The gender you are looking for;
  • The car (if you have it);
  • Your education;
  • If you speak the second language;
  • Where you live;
  • Your attitude to children and if you want them or already have;
  • Your marital status;
  • Your unhealthy habits (if you smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol);
  • Your religion;
  • Your career;
  • If you own any pets in your household;
  • The word that can describe you as a person;
  • Your ambitions.

Creating Your Account on Plenty of Fish

When you have answered this test, you will be offered to answer questions from a chemistry quiz. To go through it, you simply have to click on the button that is situated on the menu. Such a quiz is needed to make a matching function even more profitable. It’s filled with 73 questions with multiple choice that permit finding out about your personality. After answering all of these questions, you are ready to create a more personalized profile on Plenty of Fish. The first thing you can do is to upload several photos of yours. If you have a free version of this website, you can post up to 8 pictures. To upload more, you ought to buy a premium subscription that allows adding 16 images. To attract more interlocutors, recommended choosing the most appealing picture. Nevertheless, it’s forbidden to use face filters to avoid situations when a particular member looks absolutely different in reality than he is in the photo. Furthermore, it’s banned from uploading images that contain any sexual features. Such profiles are deleted permanently. The second thing you can do to personalize your profile is to write a description of yourself. It must be longer than 100 characters. In such a text, it’s possible to share information about:

  • Your hobbies;
  • Your goals and things that inspire you;
  • Your personal characteristics that make you a unique person;
  • Your tastes.

Nonetheless, as the owners notice, it’s better not to add any private information about yourself. It’s referred not only to any intimate facts but also your personal data such as your real name, phone number, or where you live. When you have finished writing your description, you can start searching for a one-night stand or your partner for a long-term dating.

Sending Messages

One of the most valuable pros of Plenty of Fish review is that it’s possible to send text messages even if you have a free version of the website. To send your first message to another member, you only choose a particular user and text him. Furthermore, to get closer to your online partner, you are permitted to send voice messages. So, you can hear your lover’s voice even he is located in another part of the globe. While communicating via messages on POF, you can feel safe. The program deletes automatically those materials that seem to be inappropriate such as spam links to other services or pornography pictures. Moreover, it’s forbidden to send messages that have been copied. One more thing Plenty of Fish does for its users is that it allows sending images only by females. Most of the males try sending naked photos to women. If you want to stop interacting with a particular member, you can delete your contact history.

Sending messages

Ways to Use Plenty of Fish

As it’s mentioned above, members of Plenty of Fish dating website are allowed to communicate via their mobile phones and computers. Here’re the main pros and cons of these versions.

Desktop Version

A desktop version of Plenty of Fish has a user-friendly interface. That’s why you don’t have to spend several hours learning how to utilize the main features even if this’s your first time dating online. The main reason why this platform is so useful is that there aren’t any unprofitable functions. Moreover, it’s designed in light colors. That’s why you don’t get tired after hours of chatting online. On the top right angle of the main page, there’re the most useful buttons such as:

  • Sign in;
  • Help (click on it in case you have troubles dealing with the website);
  • Register.

Mobile Version

Even though a desktop version of Plenty of Fish online has a good-looking interface, it’s not used as frequently as an app. As the statistics say, more than 75% of members of POF communicate with each other via their smartphones. To download Plenty of Fish mobile app, possible to use any operating system such as Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Using a mobile version allows members to get access to all functions, including searching, matching, and messaging features. However, it’s significant to take into account that this program has access to users’ location. To avoid such an option, you ought to turn it off in the settings.

The Interface of Plenty of Fish

The Interface of Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish review also adds that this website is designed in blue and white. To make it useful, on the main page are included only the essential functions. If you use a free version, some ads can appear on the page. However, they aren’t intrusive, and they don’t interrupt your conversation.

The Navigation System

To go to another section of Plenty of Fish from the main page, you ought to use a menu that is located on the top left angle. If you have chosen to use a mobile version, the navigation is even quicker because all of the sections are shown as bright images. From the main page, you can go to these topics:

  • Messages;
  • Will respond;
  • Search;
  • Nearby;
  • My matches.

How Much Is a Premium Version of Plenty of Fish?

Even though it’s free to sign up on the Plenty of Fish hookup website, you are allowed to purchase a premium version to get access to more functions. It’s not as expensive as on other websites, and it’s worth the price you pay. There’re several types of memberships, such as:

  • 2 months ($19.35 per month);
  • 4 months ($12.75 per month);
  • 8 months ($10.18 per month).

So, you can see that if you are sure that you are going to use POF for a longer period, it’s better to purchase a subscription for 8 months. It will allow you to save your money.

How Much Is a Premium Version of Plenty of Fish?

Do You Really Need a Paid Version?

A free version provides access to lots of features, including searching and sending unlimited messages. However, with this account, you will always see some ads, and it’s possible to upload only 8 photos. If you want to avoid such limitations, it’s better to purchase a premium membership. Getting such a version allows you to send three digital gifts to your point of interest every day. You can post up to 16 images, and see detailed information about those users who have visited your profile. Moreover, you can find out if your interlocutor has already read your message but haven’t answered yet. So, if you want to increase your chances to find your lover on Plenty of Fish, you should choose a premium subscription.

How to Purchase a Membership

To purchase a premium version of POF, you are allowed to use different payment methods such as:

  • Credit card;
  • PayPal;
  • Via smartphone.

The next thing to say in this Plenty of Fish review it that it’s possible to but not only membership but also Tokens. It is a digital currency, and 1 token cost $1.99. Tokens are needed to make your account more popular by putting you on the top of all lists. If, after purchasing, you have realized that you don’t want to use a paid version anymore, you can cancel your payment. To do this, you have 3 business days. It’s significant to state that a paid version renews automatically. If you don’t want to use membership in the next month, you ought to discontinue it beforehand. Otherwise, you will get charged.

How to Purchase a Membership

Is it Safe to Use Pof?

Plenty of Fish is absolutely safe for all users. To protect the members, they exploit an encryption system. So your data won’t be stolen by hackers. To avoid scammers get access to the features of the service, a verification for all users. To get your account formalized, you only need to provide your phone number and receive a message with a code on it. However, if you want to fully protect yourself, it’s better not to use public WiFi when you are signing up or purchasing a premium membership.

Are There Any Scammers?

Although the protection of Plenty of Fish is great, there’s still a chance to face a scammer. So, if this’s your first interaction, it’s not recommended to provide any personal information. Moreover, if you see that another user behaves inappropriately or start asking you some intimate questions, you should notify client support about this person. They will delete this profile, and you will protect other members from such an experience.

Are There Any Scammers?

Additional Features

POF is well-known not only because it’s been operating since 2003. There are lots of beneficial features that make this website more helpful for people looking for their lovers. The unique functions are:

  • A chemistry test. It is a quiz that contains questions that are aimed to describe you as a person.
  • UltraMatch. This feature provides access to those users who are the most suitable for you.
  • Top prospects. It is a list of members with whom you have had interactions for the last month.
  • Meet Me. This function permits seeing those users who live in your area and ready to have a meeting with you in reality. It’s easy to use because it looks like a swiping feature on Tinder.

Final Thoughts

To sum up this Plenty of Fish review, it turns out that this website is useful for both types of people, including those who are looking for long-term relationships and one-night stands. Since there is an encryption system and all users are required to go through the verification process, you’re absolutely protected while having conversations with other members of the Plenty of Fish.

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