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AdultfriendFinder Review 2023

AdultfriendFinder Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Created to connect like-minded people.
  • Has great security features.
  • Takes your preferences into consideration.
  • Easy sign-up process.
  • Great for casual dating.
  • Caters for a wide array of sexual preferences.
  • Was previously pulled off because it had a lot of fake users.
  • Not ideal to find partners for lasting relationships.
  • May be too ‘in your face’ with a wild amount of pro-sex features and pictures.

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Explaining AdultFriendFinder

This AdultFriendFinder review makes the hookup site your best bet for an adult service that enables you to find friends for casual dating and hookups. It is a well-established site catering to over 80,000,000 people in different parts of the world. It is undoubtedly one of the largest casual dating domains in the whole of the world. Hopefully, this AdultFriendFinder review will show you how and why!

The country of origin is the United States. It is perfect if you want to find the individuals with whom you can have the best chemistry to spark up your sex life, and enjoy your sexual fantasies.

You could fix all types of casual engagements on the hookup site, from polygamous relationships to swinging to the all too familiar sex with benefits. It is an exciting platform if you want that extra person with whom to share sexual fantasies, games, and in all, have a pretty amazing time. The main purpose of this site is to allow for casual hookups; therefore, if you are looking for ‘the one,’ this might not be the site for you. However, if you want that great sexual experiencethat can take you up a high climax ladder, this is perfect for you.

It fosters such an amazing pro-sex and non-judgemental atmosphere for you to look for your exact type without any fear. The site welcomes you into the sex world right from the very beginning. You will see a great number of sexual and sensual pics with a large array of nude bodies that speak to exactly what AdultFriendFinder online represents. More like pornhub, but this time, you can meet your fantasies and get in contact with them. How much better can it be?

You can also get to choose your orientation, sexual preference, fulfill your sexual fantasies. Have an all-round amazing time finding those people who are sure to make you tick. Yes, this site can do all that and more for you. All you need to do is get on board and prepare to have the time of your life!

It is a US-based website. It has more men than women, and it gives you several ways with which to contact the users. It is available on both Android and Apple devices for those who want to download. Read on about this site using this detailed AdultfriendFinder review, and get the answers to all of your questions.

Explaining AdultFriendFinder

Members On AdultFriendFinder

If you are wondering what kind of people you are sure to find on the site, you need not worry. There is a wide array of people with different sexual preferences that will blow your mind. You are most definitely going to find that person who can match your sexual energy easily. There are also a great number of arrangements you could opt for, all based on your specifications. You will also get a good whiff of different people having different sexual orientations since AdultFriendFinder is all-inclusive and helps you identify with others. You get to choose from over 80 million people, mostly residing in different states in the United States. There is a higher male to female ratio. It is not quantifiable, like many other dating apps, so knowing which exact percentage or ratio you are working with can indeed be difficult. Some members are couples, and a good number to are individuals. A good 80% are men who are gay or bisexual, while about 20% are women. Just be assured you will get your pick when you join.

Finding Members Based On Sexual Orientation

AdultFriendFinder best engages all people with different fantasies and sexual orientations. Whether you are into girls, boys, both, or you have a wonderful swinging relationship with your spouse; this is the best site for you. You will find displayed for all to see, the sexual preference of the people you meet on their profile, so you will know exactly where you can go for whatever you want. The plan is to have a good time, and whatever that ‘good time’ is for you, you may just find out on the site.

Members Age Distribution

People could argue that AdultFriendFinder is for millennials, meaning it is easier to find ages 25 to 50 more on this page. You can also get a good number of baby boomers in there, and generation X’ers. You can also find younger freaky individuals from eighteen upwards on this hookup site. The majority of the people involved, however, are somewhat between the ages of the early twenties to the ripe fifties. Anyone who is looking to have a great time is welcome, and you will come away with an interesting number of hookups, regardless of your age.

Members Age Distribution

Signing Up For AdultfriendFinder

If you have decided to seek out some fun and you want to try it out, you could easily go on to the site. You will immediately see so many buttons drawing you in, and asking that you login. With a few clicks, you can set up your profile on AdultFriendFinder. The process is quick, and you can finish it within a good 30 seconds. You will have to fill a short registration form where all you should state all your sexual preferences. Just like other legit sites, your email address is needed for verification, to ensure that you are not there to scam folks. Still, you are a real person looking to have fun on the site, just like many others. You will choose your sexual orientation, and the orientations of the people you intend to meet on the site. You will also choose a username that is unique to only you, giving you the chance to get creative and also freaky. This username will be your main identity on the site. You will use your username and a soon created password to log in. Then you will immediately be sent over to view the latest activities of the active members. Truthfully, there are thousands of active members at any given point.

Creating Your Profile on Adultfriendfinder.com

Your profile is the first bit of information that describes you. This information is what people will see the moment they click on your username. This profile will have basic information about you: what you like, what turns you on, and other direct information giving an idea of what exactly you are seeking. There are a good number of great profiles you will see on AdultFriendFinder. Great content, with detailed information about specific kinks and preferences, sexual fantasies, and orientations. Your profile technically is you and brings out all the information you probably would want to know to get interested enough. Also, people change, so sexual preferences and fantasies can also change. You have the chance to change any information you want to on your profile, at any time, provided the information you are giving remains true. The ball is in your court. First, you should have your basic information on there, meaning: your location, your personality, sexual preferences, etc. Whether or not you would like to go any deeper is completely up to you. The great thing is, you could get on to view different people’s profiles and see some videos uploaded on the timelines. They can allow you to decide if you are into any particular person. Any other information would require a minimum subscription on AdultFriendFinder.

Creating Your Profile on Adultfriendfinder.com

Getting In Touch With Members

One thing that makes this hookup site one of the best hookup sites in the States is the number of ways by which you could easily reach members. You can interact with the members using a great number of means, and you would not need to stick to only one means of messaging before you can have a good time on the site. Luckily, you have this AdultFriendFinder review to help you out on what you need. First off, you should know that on AdultfriendFinder, you can easily like anyone’s photograph. That is free, and therefore you will not need to pay for an account to do that. You can also view photos and videos placed on the profiles of different people on the site. Following that, however, you will need a minimum subscription to be able to contact members. This hookup site has a great number of options available for you to meet up with your AdultFriendFinder hookup buddies. You can log in to any of the AdultFriendFinder chat rooms, message portals, or groups. Besides, the internet hookup service has great email features, and live streams, which make it even easier and sexier to fan the sexual flame and have a good time. There are special features set to entertain you thoroughly, making the site undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to thrill and seeking fun.

  • Live Member Webcams

Oh yes, on the AdultFriendFinder dating app, you have the chance to view any active members who may be broadcasting content at that moment. You simply need to, once you have gotten on the home page, choose ‘live-action’ and then go on to choose the broadcaster’s live webcams.

  • Public chat rooms

These are also a thing if you are looking to have a community of like-minded pro-sex individuals online who will not judge you. It is a safe space to chat about your sexual preferences with equally freaky people who get it. How cool is that?

  • Academy for Sex

You could even log in and be part of a sex academy on this site. It gives you tips on great ways you could have oral sex, give you great ideas on how to have the kinkiest, freakiest sex you could ever imagine. All this, for a little cost inside of a paid subscription.

  • Flirt

You simply want the person to know you fancy them? This online hookup site has another way to let people know that you have gotten an interest in them. With a paid subscription, you can flirt back, but without one, you will only be able to that you got noticed. The ‘flirt’ feature is one of the best features the site has as per the several AdultFriendFinder review sites available.

Getting In Touch With Members

AdultFriendFinder platforms you could use

You may be wondering, with your phone in hand and desktop on the table, if you could enjoy the best of this hookup site on both devices. Adult Friend Finder, up until 2019, had been made only to accommodate larger screens like desktops. It could hardly be suited to smaller screens, asking that people only prepared to sit behind their PCs for a few hours at a time to have a complete-time of pleasure. Unfortunately, this is not practical in life today, where everything can fit onto a mobile screen. It did take several years for Adult Friend Finder to come up with a mobile site, or at least a mobile-friendly interface. Still, people all over the world have attested to its good use, giving them a hookup experience like no other. Yes, today, the first question people may ask when told about these platforms is if there is an app available. Thankfully, this hookup site does have one available! You could now, easily and simply decide for yourself: desktop or mobile, and be assured that you will not miss any of the fun choosing one or another. You simply have to prepare to enjoy the ride.

Desktop Use

Most people who use the hookup site use the desktop because the site fits a larger screen, no downloads are necessary. You simply have to prepare to sit behind your desktop screen for some few hours of undiluted sexual fun and tension, at no serious cost. The desktop version is the way most people enjoy AdultFriendFinder, especially in this new computer age. It is most convenient to choose to use a laptop because there are many good tabs you need to click to get linked with different profiles, or even view them. It might be inconvenient for people who might want to be elsewhere rather than being plugged into a table at home. The online hookup site does look a bit daunting if you think of it. There is not much control of what pops up and what doesn’t, making the whole experience feel like you are allowing viruses into your PC. It makes you apprehensive about using the site. However, if you can get past it, you can certainly have a great experience with the website. There are many an AdultFriendFinder review that shoots down the site because it seems like there are a lot of viruses invading onto your pc. However, regardless of all that, the site is still one of the most used hookup sites in the world.

Desktop Use

AdultfriendFinder Mobile App

The AdultFriendFinder mobile app was finally introduced in the year 2019, meaning a larger number of people use the app, both Android and Apple users. The app makes navigating the entire site several times easier than before. The actual site can even be adapted to smaller screens if you do not want to download the app. You will get to interact with a great number of people also using the app. It is free for download, features a less messy design than the actual site. It is easy to find what exactly you seek, and the best interface makes you no longer scared about catching a virus. The best part about the app is you do not need to stay anywhere to have a good time. You can go everywhere and still have the best experience.

AdultFriendFinder Usability

As mentioned before, the desktop AdultFriendFinder site looks more cramped. It could have several pop-ups coming at different points in time, making your browsing experience less than ideal. However, for the mobile app, things are simpler and more straight to the point. The mobile app sports a well-arranged platform with a way to get almost everything you need easily. The app is several times a much better option than the website itself.

Ease Of Use With The AdultfriendFinder

These days, people want an app that is easy and simple to use. When the AdultFriendFinder app came about promising people a much more fun and clutter-free alternative to the messiness of the desktop site. Based on the multiple AdultFriendFinder review sites online, this makes the app easier to use, and navigation is almost superb. A much better option to the desktop site.

Ease Of Use With The AdultfriendFinder

Different Costs And Prices For Using AdultfriendFinder

It all depends on the package you are choosing. This site has different levels of memberships, and this AdultFriendFinder review will give you all the details you require. You could choose whether to pay for one month or to pay for more than one month. Your one month option charges $39.95 every month. If you choose to opt for the other packages, you will reduce your price per month with the increasing number of months you choose. You will pay $29 for three months if you choose that option, or $19 for 12 months if you are paying a full year. It can be quite expensive, but it is worth it with all the features which are available to you. You can make payments using

  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Debit cards
  • Mobile money options
Different Costs And Prices For Using AdultfriendFinder

Some folks may say that you do not need a subscription to enjoy yourself on AdultFriendFinder. While this may be true, there are some specific features that you will not get to enjoy unless you have a subscription. You can only watch videos, live-streams, and make comments on videos and photos as a standard member. Members who have subscribed can get to send and receive messages, view full profiles, send requests, add friends, and many other features that may require an additional payment to access.

How You Can Pay

On AdultFriendFinder, as mentioned before, there are different plans you can choose. Some for a month, others, three months, and some for the entire year. You can make payments using a credit card, debit, bank transfer, or your mobile phone.

How You Can Pay

AdultfriendFinder Payment Processes

Once you send in the request, your payment is processed immediately, and you will get your upgrade. The ease of payment, seeing that you can make payments from several different means, makes the process quite quick and easy to complete.

Security Features You Could Find

First off, you require an email address to log in to AdultFriendFinder. Without the email and subsequent verification, you will not be able to get a password. Also, there are strict rules against any form of harassment of other users. The hookup site traces wrongdoers using ISP and can ban them from using the site for good. Great security features ensuring safety among all its users.

Scams? No Need to Worry

If you are afraid of getting scammed, then you have no fear of using AdultFriendFinder. Previously, there were stories about fake users. Still, in recent times, the site is a very safe interaction platform for people to explore their sexual preferences and fetishes safely. No need to be afraid of scams.

Scams? No Need to Worry

AdultfriendFinder Special Features

  • Webcams

Members on AdultFriendFinder can easily go online and record live videos for any members who want to watch. Standard users can view these videos; however, only people who subscribe will be able to view these profiles.

  • Chat rooms

These rooms gather people to talk about different sexual preferences. People also use the opportunity to discuss sexual desires and fantasies. It is free for those who want to join, so visitors to the site who want a good feel of the whole thing can enjoy for free without subscribing.

  • Blogs

Members can document their sexual escapades into erotic blogs that can be viewed and read by anyone. People can easily relive their experiences and comment on them.

  • Storytime

People can write all sorts of erotic stores based on fact or fiction for the reading pleasure of the members.

  • Contesting

You can certainly join in any contests which require you to make entries both in video or picture form. People get to vote, and the winner is the ones with the most votes.

In Conclusion


AdultFriendFinder is the site to choose if you want a little sexual fun. You can easily sign up and get ready to join in. With hope, this detailed AdultFriendFinder review has given you what you need to start your journey into sexual confidence and enjoyment. Get ready to get your sexiest, freakiest game on, because there are more people just like you waiting for you to find them online.

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