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Badoo Review 2023

Badoo Review 2023
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Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 34-40
Profiles 472 991 630
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Launched in 2006, Badoo is an online dating social network founded by Andrey Andreev (A Russian entrepreneur). This online dating service is under Badoo Trading Limited and offered a wide range of features. The one to make a statement is the fact that it’s available in a wide range of languages, including English, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Russian only to name but a few. It makes it quite flexible for users to operate all over the world. The fact that it’s also free makes it attractive to the public. Stay woke, though, for you can bump into some adult content while using Badoo – that’s why the conditions are 18 and over! Let’s have that as an appetizer as we dig into the body of this Badoo review.

Why it’s Necessary

Many people get challenged in this sector! We need to get out there and grind. We’ve got family to look out for (at least for the family guys), there is this and that you know. We require a companion, someone to talk to, someone to share your problems with, someone to share a meal and drink with, and someone to make you feel like it’s going to be alright. With a lot on the plate already, it can be challenging to start looking for someone from scratch. Where will you start? What will you give up to get that time? How long will it take you till you find one? Hold up though, don’t give up yet because online dating sites got your back and we’re about to do a Badoo review.

How Genuine is Badoo?

How Genuine is Badoo?

As mentioned earlier, Badoo has got minimal scam issues. To be precise, while you’re signing up for the platform, you’ll encounter very minimal or null fraud issues that you’ll be forced to deal with, unlike fellow dating websites. Moreover, you can block someone you feel has no good intentions and overall purpose of being in Badoo, which is a feature you shouldn’t take lightly. So the bottom line is – no scam!

The Vast Demographic of the Members

Speaking of numbers, this indeed is the real deal and the place to be. This online dating platform has north of 410 million users as of 2019 and about 60 million active members each month. As that’s not enough, an estimation of about 300,000 new individuals signs up for Badoo daily. 12 million-plus of these members are from the US, and many users are all over Europe. It is also important to note that Badoo is the leading dating app in Spain, France, and Italy from the number of downloads.

Let’s Focus on Gender and Sexuality a Bit

Let’s Focus on Gender and Sexuality a Bit

The ratio of male to female is well-balanced at 2:3 since 40% of the users are ladies, and 60% are gents. There is the freedom of either making contact with the other, with men being dominant in that sector. In terms of sexuality, Badoo has been very considerate. The heterosexual guys usually fit well everywhere, but Badoo chose to include the LGBT group and give them a shot in finding a partner. It is why Badoo screams numbers in terms of users due to being considered.

What Ages are in Badoo?

To kick things off here, we are familiar that you need to be 18 years and above to be able to use Badoo. The age distribution is a different thing altogether. Badoo reviews tend to set the record straight that the app is suitable for old teenagers and young adults, basically the young, wild, and single. The age set with that adrenaline to start their dating experience. It got most users of Badoo looking for those hookups and hangouts rather than a serious bond. Despite that, the slightly older group still hangs on to find a soul mate. With that to say, the highest number of users is between 25-34 years, and the least amount comes from the 55+ group.

How to Sign Up for Badoo and Log in Afterward

How to Sign Up for Badoo and Log in Afterward

You need to get the app first from your app store, or if you prefer the website approach, either can do. There are several questions you’ll be required to answer. The first one will be your gender, and then you proceed to your details. The details include your first name, date of birth, present location, email, or mobile number, and then you will be required to create your password, then you’ll be done with the process.

Similarly, there’s another method you can use, which is signing in using another of your accounts. If you have Facebook, Google, MSN, Mail.ru, Yandex, Vkontakte, or Odnoklassniki accounts, you’re good to go. About login in, you’ll require to fill in your email or phone number and your password to get to your profile. In case you have forgotten your password, you can quickly get a recovery mail or link to help you out with the logins.

After all, that, what you’ll be required to do is put up a profile picture. You got to give out your best looking shoot here to grab that attention! You can either select one from your phone gallery or uploading one from your social media accounts; the choice is yours.

Before putting it forth, you should write a small description of yourself. You can choose to describe the uploaded photo with humorous comments other than laying all of you out there. It keeps you exciting and anonymous.

After that, you’ll finish by clicking that green button and, in a few, complete your sign up with confirming your email.

Creating Your Profile

Creating Your Profile

Once done with signing up for Badoo, you’ll need to spice up your profile, or how do you expect to attract interest? It is the part you create your ‘CV’ with all the exciting stuff, be sure to maintain realness so that you cannot be a disappointment on the first date after overrating yourself. The first step is to state your reasons for being in Badoo, chat, make new allies, or year. Afterwardsstating the age and gender, you’re looking for in a partner. The location and perimeter you intend to locate the people of interest to you follow.

After stating your requests, you now get to say things about yourself. It is what makes Badoo interesting, and there are a lot of details about your personal life that someone knows just by reading your profile. You’ll even feel like you’ve known that person also thought you just began communicating. You can start by editing your details if you got anything wrong earlier, but as for the age and location, it is automated; you won’t sweat on that. You may start by adding more photos, describe yourself, state what you are interested in, and then to your personal information (usually carry a lot of weight).

Initiating a Conversation

This part isn’t much of a big deal to handle because a little this and that you’ll be good to go. For starters, you’ll need to have found a match to get your chances and freedom on communication comfortably and start the conversation on a good note. It is to means that you can send texts to your match without harsh restrictions. However, if you notice a good looking guy or a fine lady who hasn’t swiped right yet, you can still decide to text him or her. However, for this case, Badoo only allows two texts max for such a situation, and you can only send more if the person has replied to you. On the same note, if you have this nagging person who keeps on sending inappropriate messages or who generally doesn’t interest you, you can decide to report and block them. They won’t be able to send you any more text leave alone viewing your profile. It is cool!

Initiating a Conversation

You are not limited to text messages only, but sending photos and files is very much allowed. Whenever you post a picture, it is only visible after tapping it but looks blur when not tapped. You would also have video chat; this feature was removed in April 2020 since developers felt it reduced the connectivity and drew people’s focus to streams. If you want to refer to something mentioned a while ago, you can search for a massage.

How Can You Access Badoo?

How are you able to access the internet? Your phone, right? Also, your laptop, huh? Your desktop or tablet as well. So can you comfortably use Badoo in all the above devices? The answer is simple; yes! The Badoo app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play, and by a click of a button, you can download and install it on your device. This option allows you to read several Badoo reviews and see if you are still interested in going on with getting the app or pass. As for those who have no enough space on their phones or tablet, worry not, for you can easily access Badoo from your browser. This choice is preferably for the laptop choice as you’ll have a bigger screen to work. By going to the official website and signing in, you’ll use Badoo, similar to how you do while with your phone.

So let’s check out how you can use either of your options;



You don’t need a lot for this one. Just getting to the website and signing in either by details or Facebook, Google, etc. are on the site. You can send texts, photos and also do swiping. You can also see your profile, people nearby, encounters, ratings of photos, your favorites, and visitors. However, you’ll be able to access it in particular places like the house or office.

Mobile App

The one peculiar attribute about using the Badoo app is that you’ll have your phone, meaning your conversations and connections become mobile. Another distinguishing factor from using the website is that you can invite friends and family to Badoo using the app by creating and sending a link. Some Badoo reviews mentioned that people who have used Badoo knew it from being invited by friends or family members. You are also able to block users and favorite others from your app only. Through the app, you can play an exciting encounter game and rate the photos posted by different users.

Mobile App Badoo

Badoo Design and General Usability

Well, to be honest, the general design of this app is so average. The divided portions and sections to access your information and also do any edits are so simple. It takes the form of social networks, thus gaining the popularity of working as social media. However, for someone else viewing your profile, it appears somewhat better due to the arrangements. In terms of color and fonts, their game is weak in the design department since the dull tone, and the casual font isn’t that attractive. Despite the messy appearance, it is easy for one to know his way around the app since everything readily.

It’s not hard to find your way around Badoo. The swiping feature is to show interest or match. Most of the other sections involve tapping to open and scrolling when going through a list or reading a large text.

The Costs in Badoo and Prices that Come With It

Don’t get it wrong here, Badoo reviews clearly state that it is free, which is very accurate. However, there are several upgrades that you can do to better your experience. If you invest in Badoo, you’ll be able to get features such as spotlight, credit system, rise, and superpower. Before we can get to how to make the payments, let us learn what difference these subscriptions make compared to the free package.

Difference Between Paid-For and Free

The free package offers the following;

  • The search filter
  • Ability to go through profiles
  • Sending texts to premium users
  • Playing encounter games
  • See visitors
  • Verifying your profile
  • You can be using lookalikes.

As for the paid subscription, the additions you’ll have included;

  • Ability to see your likes
  • Highlighting messages you’ve sent
  • See who favorites you.
  • Un-voting encounters
  • You can anonymously be going through the site.
  • Seeing and chatting new users
  • Graduate to a member who is featured
  • Use crush alerts
  • Become more popular
  • Issue gifts
  • Make stickers active.

So How Do You Pay for an Upgrade?

You can either do the premium package or buy Badoo credits. For the premium package, costs are $13 for a month, $32 for three months, and $48 for six months. If you’re interested in coins, you can get 100 for $3, 550 for $10, 1250 for $20, and 2750 credits for $40. For a trial, you can go premium for a day at $0.8 or decide to pay $80 for a lifetime subscription.

So How Do You Pay for an Upgrade?

Channels of Payment

Payments can be made via PayPal, using a credit card or with your mobile phone.

Safety Policies and Security Measures

Putting the user in control makes Badoo conducive to use. Being able to report and block people sharing negative vibes and being able to hide personal information strikes home for concerned users. Furthermore, according to Badoo reviews, unacknowledged users or fraudsters will have their accounts terminated if found.

Is Badoo a Scam?

There is no way Badoo can delete your account even if you’ve been inactive for long. A majority end up getting good hookups and making friends, so definitely it’s not unless proven otherwise.

What makes it Stand Out?

What makes it Stand Out?F

There are many features that Badoo has, and the other platforms fall short. Beginning with the encounter games, favorites, visits, lookalikes, and gifts. Being able to ghost around profiles is another thing as well.


If you’re looking for an online dating platform, you better read Badoo reviews and know why you should be a member. The incredible distance allocation and special features are so amazing. It’s worth a try seeing it used by many countries with about half a billion users.

Do you want to date online? Have you tried Badoo? Leave a comment!

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