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Match.com Review 2023

Match.com Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 5 000 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Unlike other hookup sites, people on Match.com tend to be more interested in a relationship than some short flings;
  • Wide-ranging search tool really facilitates in making the process of finding a perfect match faster;
  • Constant updates of Match.com include more and more new functions and some other extra services to make it easier;
  • The whole matching algorithm is getting advanced without a breach of continuity, day after day, night after night.
  • The fact that Match.com is the largest dating service makes it really popular among singles, but at the same time, it might make some overwhelm, as there will be plenty of users who want to contact you;
  • Approval of the profile can hardly be a downside for real people. Because waiting for some time to get your account verified is a minor inconvenience when you have only the best intentions;
  • Price for the Match.com membership is upper-moderate. But good things never cost little money, don’t they?

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What Does It Look Like?

In our Match.com review, we decided to get a closer look at one of the oldest and, at the same time, one of the most well-known dating sites in the whole world. It was created before the official start in 1993 to build bridges between lonely hearts and show the usefulness of an online non-public commercial platform for dating. The official launch was in 1995, and the very first members of Match.com obtained from the site the lifetime subscription. In this Match.com review, we are determined to convince you that the platform differs from others. It is reliable not only due to its long service, but also thanks to the number of other various things that make Match.com the best of its kind. Let us begin with the fact that will help you understand why Match.com dating is outstanding. Can you imagine that some hookup provider will grant you a free subscription on its site just because you did not manage to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right? It sounds crazy anda bit unrealistic. But the reality is that Match.com hookup guarantees to give you another six months for free unless you meet your destiny within your first six months on Match.com. One hell of an approach, we must say. Why is Match.com so sure about this? The answer is quite simple: because it is the dating service that has managed to help establish more connections, relationships, or marriages than any other hookup site—pure statistics. A great number of Match.com aspects increase the chances and ease the way to your soulmate. Your dream of walking down the aisle will finally come true. It might also help to make a loyal and thick-and-thin friend who would be the person standing next to you at the altar and supporting you during this fantastic time. Sounds good, right? We cannot agree more! That is why we invite you to look at the Match.com dating through our lense in order to find out what to expect from the Match.com, and how soon should you prepare your wedding outfit.

What Does It Look Like?

Is There Any Fraud on Match.com?

Over the years the Match.com has earned the trust of millions of people all around the globe. The chances to come across some kind of scam or fake accounts are extremely low and decay to zero. This is all thanks to the high-security standards of Match.com. The combination of automatic and manual checks provides users with an adequate level of safety. However, keeping a bright lookout would not do any harm and never has before. Follow the basic rules, and if you happen to notice something suspicious, do not hesitate to report that to the Match.com Customer Support Service. They will take immediate action and will conduct an investigation not to let scam happen on Match.com.

People on Match.com

In total, Match.com claims to have around 20 million users all around the globe; it is equal to four New York’s! And the main part of those people is actually based in the United States. There is an interesting fact that their activity is very high. People on Match.com reply fast to the received messages, comment on photos, swiping the pictures all the time. There is a global disproportion of men and women in the world, but on Match.com, the correlation of sexes is relatively equivalent, so there is no need to worry. There are enough men and women, so everyone will find what they are looking for — a serious and stable relationship. It is worth adding that Match.com does not welcome any extramarital affairs, and to register, you must choose your relationship status. That only shows how powerful are the efforts of Match.com to help you find your person.

People on Match.com


Whether you are straight, gay, or lesbian — there will always be a room for you on Match.com because true love does not know sexuality. It only respects the kindness of the heart and the sincerity of intentions.

Members’ Age Group

That fact why there are so many happy couples that got to know each other on Match.com lies in the fact that the biggest part (about 27%) of them are in their late 30’s’-early 40’s. That explains everything. Because people at this age usually succeed and achieved something in their careers, but the only missing piece for them is a person to share the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, there are other people of various age groups, a bit less, but still, this makes Match.com an open space for people of all ages.

Registration and Login on Match.com

The entire sign-up procedure on Match.com is as simple as ABC. The information you have to give is the same old email address, your date of birth, the country you live in, gender, and sexual orientation. As we have already mentioned in the Match.com review, gays and lesbians are also free to sign up with the site. Apart from the usual login, there is also a possibility to enter Match.com via your Facebook profile. The mechanism is straightforward: just click the ”Login using Facebook” button, and the page where you need to enter your Facebook profile credentials will open. No need to worry about the security of your details, because Match.com sticks to the highest safety standards. After that, you will be redirected back to the Match.com dating to create your Match.com profile. Anyway, it is up to you to choose the preferable login option. Login with the Facebook account will only save some time as there will be no need to create another password. The Match.com profile builder wants to see your short essay on the topic about yourself, but please, note that it is limited to 100 characters, so no chances to write a novel here. Once you finish doing that, you will need to add a profile picture to the Match.com account. It could also be added from your Facebook if you decide to use this login option. No additional profile picture verification is needed on Match.com, but it is in your interest to have something beautiful and nice. Otherwise, the chances to find someone decent are pretty low, even if you are a super easy-going and interesting person. As soon as you finish filling out the information in your Match.com profile, you do not need to verify your email, but can go simply to the Match.com login page and start using all the advantages of Match.com and begin your journey into the word of romantic dates and relationships.

Members’ Age Group

Making a Profile

The description and other profile details of Match.com online dating users are pretty detailed because people tend to elaborate with the explicit information about themselves and the image of their perfect match. Speaking of visualization, Match.com has a questionnaire that will help you turn your ideas and thoughts into reality. On the first page, you put in some standard things, like hair or eye color, your better half should have, height, weight, and so on. Then you need to go with more details about the education, religion (we believe it is quite an essential thing to mention if a person pays a lot of attention to this), ethnicity, and language, in case you want to speak the same language or learn a new one. The very last thing that you should mention on Match.com is the marital status, presence or absence of children in the life of your match, and their attitude to having ones, drinking or smoking habits, etc. After you have told Match.com how your perfect partner looks and other important things for you, give some more information about yourself. Here you will answer the same questions you were asked about your lover, including some additional ones. For example, if you like any sports, which city you were brought up in. Do not be surprised if you see some other queries about the last book you read or your most favorite one, preferable vacation destinations, etc. That all will help make a better picture of yourself and will speed up the chances to meet someone special on Match.com. Once you have finished with the details, added some more pictures, you will need to wait for some time to get your profile approved by the Match.com moderators. It is a mandatory process to eliminate some fake profiles and make sure only real people with honest intentions stay on Match.com. You should remember that in case you decide to change some information, it will also be approved before the members of the Match.com hookup notice it.

Get to Know Your Match

Similar to various other dating websites, only the basic interaction on Match.com is available in the unpaid version. You can look through the matches and like them or simply skip. When you like people from the Matches tab, they will be included in the list of your Likes, and the system will notify them about it. If you skip a person, then another member will appear. The ”Discover” function of Match.com lets you use advanced filters to look for matches around you by age, sex, hobbies, and other personal information. It is a useful thing that you can also save your search preferences in order to make the search quick and easy. Once you used the above mentioned Match.com functions, you can message your matches if you have a premium account, or you can use the MatchPhone to call them. What really impresses is that Match.com uses the phone masking and does not reveal in any way your phone number, though it makes it possible to hear the voice of a person. Furthermore, you can ban a user on the Match.com dating from calling you.

Get to Know Your Match

Platforms to Use Match.com

Match.com mobile can be easily launched on various devices — phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. There is only a thing: your gadget should be based on the iOS or Android operating systems. It is not difficult to download the Match.com app from both the App Store and Play Market.

Desktop PC

When writing this Match.com review, we were surprised to find out that both desktop and mobile versions of Match.com are well-structured and easy to read. We analyzed Match.com online, and you know what — while using it on the PC, we did not come up with any questions on where to find this or that feature.


As we have already mentioned in the previous sections of this Match.com review, the Match.com application is free of charge and available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Match.com mobile app takes very little space on your device, so almost everyone can get it. The good thing is that it offers the same set of features that the desktop version of Match.com and does not have any extra ones. The Match.com mobile app is pretty straightforward and easy to use, so there will be no complications with that. With the Match.com app, you will always remain in touch with your matches and will be able to communicate with them wherever you are.

Match.com Review

Design and Usage

The Match.com desktop and app versions are well-build as well as intuitive in usage. Basically, the most essential and frequently used functions are effortless to reach via the header menu along with the icons in the app. It’s significant to point to the minimalist layout of Match.com and the mix of bright colors of the website. At the same time, the eyes enjoy watching them, which makes you remain on the Match.com dating another couple minutes longer.

Understandable Navigation Of Match.com

The subheading is rather self-explanatory because we must admit that, over the years, Match.com has become super user-friendly and intuitive in navigating. It has not always been that easy. As it turned out, it is years of experience that helped to make the Match.com dating clean and understandable for an average user even with the basic level of computer literacy. Every step you make on Match.com, from the sign up to liking people, is smooth in use, and this, probably, the thing that people value the most.

Prices of Match.com

Prices of Match.com

It has always been our top priority to make this Match.com review as honest as possible. And we have to admit the fact that the price of the premium plan is above average. Match.com has two types of subscription plans: the premium and the standard one. They are available to buy for one, three, six months, or as a one-year membership. Standard Match.com plan covers all the major functions like sending texts and also checking who has visited your profile. With the premium plan, you receive the opportunity to remain incognito on Match.com, voice calling, and checking if the person read your message. Below we are going to cover the cost of the various Match.com subscriptions. For a one-month Match.com premium subscription, you will pay $44.99, three-month premium account costs $119.97, for 6-months premium access, you will pay $149.94, and the half a year standard subscription costs a little less – $137.94. All the Match.com prices are indicated in US dollars for mobile app membership. If you prefer the website version, then triple the fees. As we said, the costs of Match.com are way above average, but for this money, you get the whole set of features of the most visited dating site with the finest reputation globally. Also, it is a normal practice for various dating providers to renew memberships automatically. So, do not forget to cancel it if you decide to give up using the Match.com hookup. Moreover, at the very beginning of the Match.com review, we mention that Match.com promises that you will find your one and only within half a year, otherwise they will gift you another Match.com six-month premium membership for no cost. All this worth the money, we believe.

Is It Worth Having Premium Membership?

As the prices do not seem that affordable, the main question if the features offered by Match.com worth all the dollars. Judge for yourself, in the free package you obtain:

  • a possibility to register on the Match.com and make a profile;
  • send winks;
  • look through the Match.com members profiles;
  • search for users by the various filters;
  • take part in the matchmaking.

If you buy one of the paid plans on Match.com, then in addition to the free features, you can also:

  • initiate messaging and text to everyone on Match.com;
  • see who visited your account;
  • check if a person read your message;
  • call via the MatchPhone those special you met on the Match.com site;
  • navigate Match.com in the incognito mode
Is It Worth Having Premium Membership?

How to Complete the Payment

Once you make a decision to continue with one of the premium Match.com plans, you are free to choose one of the two ways and pay by card (both debit and credit accepted), or it can be PayPal. Any of these payment methods are acceptable on Match.com, and you do not need to pay any extra fees along with the initial payment.

Payment Systems

Match.com accepts the debit or credit card of any of these payment systems — MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX. There is also a capability to facilitate payment via PayPal, as well as it is feasible to purchase a Match.com membership via the App Store if you are an Apple device owner or in the Play Market if you own an Android device.

Safety & Security

According to the privacy policy of Match.com, the site uses all the necessary means including physical, electronic, and procedural actions in order to protect Match.com users’ personal data from the unauthorized connection and loss of privacy. For that, Match.com ciphers such data as login names, passwords, and some other related to the personal profile information that is cached in cookies, for example, passwords that people save for quick entering the Match.com website. Among other things, Match.com online verifies all the profiles before making them active and also major changes in the existing accounts to make sure that there are no prohibited pictures.

Safety & Security


Is it easy to deceive on Match.com? We asked ourselves this question when we started to write this Match.com review, and the answer is pretty clear. Serious security measures that the Match.com site takes in order to protect its members phase potential fraudsters out. The fact that you cannot send a message without a Match.com paid access complicates it for frauds to hunt the easy meat. Besides, it is a piece of cake for everyone to report to Match.com immediately once they notice something odd. In order to prevent some unpremeditated blocking, the reporter must have a profile picture, so they would be able to send a report to Match.com.

Specific Functionality

Match.com dating offers some special functions for its users. You can start using them right away once you log in to your Match.com account. Nonetheless, the majority of those features available provided you have Match.com paid membership. So let’s talk about them in more detail.

  • Likes

It is a special tab where you can see all your favourite members, those people you liked when swiping the Match, as well as the members of the Match.com who liked you back.

  • Boost

This extra Match.com add-on increases your chances to be noticed as it puts you to the top of the suggested people in Matches and Discover sections for sixty minutes.

  • MatchPhone

It is a premium option that allows you to contact a person on Match.com via voice call. This Match.com feature uses phone masking, so there is no need to worry because your personal data and the phone number are secured. Besides, you can always ban the user from calling you.

  • Match

Guarantee Our most favourite Match.com feature is that the site guarantees you will find your match within your first half a year on Match.com. Otherwise, they will give you another chance to try out the platform, this time for free. Please, note that it is available for those Match.com members who already have a six-month subscription.

Specific Functionality

Wrapping up

We hope that our Match.com review was detailed enough so that you could weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the Match.com dating site. Overall, our opinion on the matter of Match.com is pretty positive. The Match.com was set up in 1995. Ever since had been helping millions of lonely hearts to find their better half. Match.com is the place where one can simply fancy the intercommunication with different people via various means without worrying about the safety of your information because Match.com developers thought of everything for you in advance. We agree that the cost of the subscription that opens the door to all the functions on Match.com is high enough, but this is reasonable money for everything that Match.com has to offer. Joining the community, you feel assured that users here aspire the same purpose, and something serious and stable can happen on Match.com.

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