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Bumble Review 2023

Bumble Review 2023
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 27-32
Profiles 452 567
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It makes women dominant. Unlike what many people argue against, this is the winning factor. Let's just be factual here, if the lady makes the first move, isn't it a ticket to getting offline soon?
  • A high percentage of the matches end up communication between the two individuals.
  • There is a proper gender balance between male and female participants.
  • Easy to set up an account.
  • Men don't have a say here. Even though you might have a smooth tongue, you first have to get chosen, and then you can do your thing.
  • There’s only a day for the lady to send you a message if both of you have swiped right.
  • The criteria for finding a match is through gender, age, and location; if you want specifics, then it can be a no for you.

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What’s Bumble All About?

Before we start on our Bumble review, we can all agree that most of the people’s lives are online nowadays. The places they visit, their clothes, what they do best, and family as well. But can you come up with a family from someone you met online? Like any other dating site, Bumble can be your ticket to finding yourself a babe. Founded in 2014 by Bumble Trading Inc, this location-based interaction platform has set the record straight on how bad it wants people to buy them gowns, rings, and suits ready to give their vows. Are you surprised? Yeah, the right people meet online and end up starting a life together. Let’s dive deep er in our Bumble review.

Bumble’s introduction was to pose as a challenge and turn the tables around in the dating experiences. The unique aspect that gives this platform the credits is that ladies make the first move, so gents hold up! The ball isn’t on your court anymore. The general perspective of men being in control has twisted by Bumble’s style of operations that enables women to explore. Don’t get it wrong though, the same level of respect and kindness is maintained to make a conducive atmosphere to mingle.

So How Legit is this Site?


There are a couple of mixed feelings on this with different people giving different opinions about their experience in Bumble. In terms of security, it is the best as many women express how they feel safer going for their first date through Bumble. As for others who have grievances to let out, they tend to claim that Bumble exploits the old, and they often are betrayed. So for this part, we’re yet to establish a concrete conclusion.

Members’ Info

As per 2017, Bumble has its users’ skyrocketed to 22 million, comfortably at the second most used dating platform in the US. By 2018 there were 27 million downloads of the app. The US alone had 5 million users every month by 2019. By mid-year of 2019, Bumble had 60 million users around 150 countries in the world. Furthermore, it’s important to note that New York has the most active users, about 40% residing in Manhattan; thus, SoHo goes to be the first permanent spot.

Let’s Talk About Gender and Sexuality

Let's Talk About Gender and Sexuality

In the beginning, not much of sexuality is in Bumble; thus, it put off many ‘unique’ individuals. Recently, the introduction of a host of sexuality is in the spot of filling in your necessary information precisely at the gender part. It goes to the extent of adding choice at the ‘suggest another option’ and freely speak yourself out. Something significant to note is the fact that you can opt to choose if you’d want your gender to be seen by the public or not. In terms of gender ratio, as of January 2020, 65.5% of the users are male, and 34.5% are female.

So How Does the Age Distribution Look Like?

Bumble has the highest number of users aged between 18 and 29 compared to the rest of its counterparts. However, the most significant amount of Bumble users are between the ages of 25-34, with a small percentage being between 35 and 44 years, with most of them being men.

How the Signing Up Procedure is Like and What Do You Need to Log in?

There are two different options for signing up for Bumble: either by using Facebook or simple logins. Before moving forward, you have to read through the terms and conditions which constitute rules like; being over 18 years old, being in a legally accepting country, and having a Facebook account (an easy call). Nonetheless, recently, Bumble developers freed the public from the latter requirement, and with a mobile number or an email, you can as well get yourself a Bumble account. As for logging in, you can do so via Facebook, through a phone number, or by email.

How to Go About with Profile Creation

How to Go About with Profile Creation

You can create your profile by linking your Facebook account, which saves you the hassle of filling up your information (name, school, age, employment), which is already present in your Facebook profile. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can give up-to-date information.

You will further be required to include six photos either from Facebook or from your gallery and further fill in some left out details. You’ll have a limit of 300 characters (Which is quite brief and easy to write) to write down your bio. You’ll then complete the sign up by choosing 3 of My Move Makers to be answered by you. You have the option of linking your Instagram account with Bumble, and as a result, your 24 recent photos will be included in your profile though no one can see your handle.

The next and most exciting part of it all is to set up your match preferences so that you can go ahead and see what’s on offer. The details include the age, distance, and gender. Doing all this takes you a step further to get your dream date.

Contacting and Communication Rules

Things get interesting in this part. For the straight guys, you have to wait for the lady to make a move. It is usually after both of you have swiped right, meaning you’re interested in each other. Many Bumble reviews have discriminated against this feature for its disadvantages, the guys. Nevertheless, the ball is totally on the lady’s coat, for she has to decide whether to contact you in the next 24 hours. It’s quite different for the other groups. Either of the individual (same-sex) can initiate contact and start a conversation.

The Available Platforms for Bumble


Bumble is accessible in all the common platforms that people rely on most. You can find your perfect match by downloading the Bumble app or visiting their website and get the online version of it. So whether on a laptop at home or your mobile phone during breaks from work you can keep the conversation going with your person. So let’s check out how they both work:

Using Bumble on a Desktop

It can be quite a lousy rapport when your boss keeps on questioning you about using your phone while you still haven’t cleared your day’s task. Conversations can be quite exciting, and such instruction can put you off completely. Don’t you worry about that anymore for Bumble is still accessible via the Web!

You will be able to enjoy the features present in the app with comfort. By logging in to your account while using a laptop can help you keep up the communication. Similarly, this can be done at the comfort of your house when you want to enjoy a bigger screen, especially for video chat purposes. With all that in place, you still have to create an account using the app meanwhile, as we await the feature of being able to make one via the Web.

Bumble on App

Let’s first start by the fact that you will have the capability to read through several Bumble reviews after getting the application. Both accessible on Google Play and Apple store, you will be able to have the app installed on whatever mobile device you have. So far, the only possible approach for a newcomer intending to form their profile is via the app. You also have the option to video call or message via the application. It makes it convenient because a mobile phone is portable and you can carry conversations with you whenever you as you go about your business.

Bumble on App

Design of the Bumble App and Its Usability

This section is all based on Bumble reviews since these are results that people have had while using the app. On to the design, the app features are pleasant to see. They further use their terminologies, for example, ‘bees in the hive’ and the developers tried to formulate a respectful atmosphere. The attribute, such as the expiring of matches, gives people the drive to engage more until they obtain your ideal match.

For the usability part, Bumble reviews have got a couple of complaints in them. It is averagely fair in operating the app but the kind of different responses that users had include;

  • Finding it challenging to locate alternate between looking for a date and a BFF
  • Many users prefer not to use the distance slide bar since it is challenging to equate the distance to the nearby physical locations.
  • The fact that you cannot contact all the matches you get, especially for men, is annoying.
  • The Bumble reviews saw users flooding with requests to get more information about the matches and to know what they are looking for in the platform.

Design of the Bumble App and Its Usability

Looking back on how the app came to be, it intended to be a location-based dating platform. Well, in terms of giving your details, you cannot manually input your location since it requires GPS identification to enable accuracy in detail feeding and to match as well. However, you’re allowed to indicate the distance range you would want for your matches within 160km. Just recently, there was an upgrade of this feature, allowing users to interact with every individual as long as they are in the same country. Furthermore, there is a feature, though under the paid-for section, called the travel mode that enables users to interact internationally.

The Bumble Subscriptions and Costs

You need to know that Bumble is free for users, unlike the many false claims in several Bumble reviews. You will be able to access the necessary and fundamental features that the app offers. However, for the ones who are interested, you can opt for an upgrade that will give you additional services.

Going for the premium package will mean that you’ll receive extra and unique features that the one on free subscription won’t. The ability to connect internationally will be activated, and you will enjoy the full range of matches. The upgrading will cost you $9 in a week, around $25 to run you through for a month, $50 for three months, and a lifetime subscription for $140. You should note that prices vary from place to place and also depending on time. Additionally, subscriptions will automatically renew unless you decide to opt-out or change the package.

The Difference between a Free and Paid-For Subscription

The first question in any user’s mind would be it worth upgrading? So let’s take a ride and see how much you might be missing out in the premium packages. As for the free subscription, Bumble reviews have supported how enough it is for an individual. You will get matches; usually, you’ll be able to swipe, and you’ll be able to contact a game depending on the terms and conditions. As for the premium subscriptions, you’ll be able to break a couple of these rules and better your chances of finding a partner. So there are two types of packages; Bumble Boost and Bumble Coins.

The Difference between a Free and Paid-For Subscription

A Bumble Coins upgrade will enable you to send super swipes, and this can be a great way to make a first impression and put you ahead of the pack. Additionally, you will be able to activate the spotlight that’ll enable you to hike your profile views. As for the Bumble Boost, you will be able to unlock a couple of features including;

  • Observing the users who swiped right through your account-that way you’ll know who has an interest in you
  • You’ll be able to re-match with connections that have already expired.
  • You’ll have the pleasure of extending your matches to a further 24 hours.
  • Explore with countless features
  • Infinite swiping.

All these features will heighten your chances of getting a partner, as the name suggests.

So How Do You Pay for Bumble Upgrade?

Before we can focus on paying, how about we start by getting straight to the exact spot, to do so, you can go to your screen and tap on the question mark that’s grey at the top corner on the right side of your screen and proceed to choose the alternative of upgrading to Bumble Boost. After managing to get that far, then you can either use the credit card alternative or pay using PayPal.

The Different Systems of Payments

The Different Systems of Payments

The payments of Bumble subscriptions are quite easy but may bring several concerns like those raised in Bumble reviews. There are several policies to that though that should;

  • If you wish to end your subscription, please do so before the date the renewal has reached
  • There are no refunds provided for any purchases made
  • Your option of canceling your subscription through iTunes and Google Play.

Security and Safety Measures

Many privacy policies can ensure your security, like hiding your Instagram account and the ability to protect your gender/sexuality, only to name but a few.

Is it a Scam?

A couple of Bumble reviews imply that this app is a scam. Contrary to the claims, users’ accuracy and openness say much of how it is beneficial in helping out with dating.

Is it a Scam?

What Makes Bumble Stand Out?

Bumble is different because it doesn’t focus on business alone but works on winning friends and business associates through Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, respectively. However, each of those different approaches requires different profiles with specific information.


With much consideration of the need for a partner, it is only fair to consider Bumble. With its unique feature, accuracy, and a favorable range of ages, you are in a better position of getting one. Are you interested in getting a partner? Have you tried Bumble? We’d like you to share your experiences using the site with our readers. Please leave a comment!

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