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Ashley Madison Review 2023

Ashley Madison Review 2023
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 023 000
Reply Rate 72%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s easy to use - Ashley Madison has a straightforward user interface that won’t cause trouble when navigating.
  • Reasonable prices - This dating site provides a vast array of services and at an affordable price, something that is hard to come by in dating sites of its caliber.
  • It has top-notch security - Ashley Madison has renewed all its security features and, in so doing, turned itself into an internet security fortress.
  • It allows its users to search for suitors based on their location - In case you prefer staying indoors, this online dating site helps you narrow down your searches to the houses nearby to prevent you from traveling far for a hookup.
  • A security breach dented the dating site’s reputation in the year 2015. This security compromise took quite a toll on Ashley Madison as it rectified its weak links and returned to its former glories.
  • Its payment platform can come off as complicated. A significant percentage of Ashley Madison users may find the payment system challenging to maneuver through because it doesn’t have fixed monthly subscriptions.

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A General Overview of Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a type of online dating platform that provides unique relationship services when compared to its rivals. The dating site was founded in 2001 and targeted people in relationships (including married couples). Ashley Madison aimed to provide a platform for these people to have under-the-radar extra-marital affairs without being judged by the outside world.

The dating site has been around for over a decade and has thrived on the ever-changing dynamics of most relationships. With online cheating being among the latest trends, the service has grown into a significant player in the dating market. In addition to this, Ashley Madison offers services to other groups of people, including singles interested in monogamous or even open relationships.

Ashley Madison has become a force to reckon within the online dating world due to how the dating site has embraced the “new dating culture.” It tailored its services to allow people to freely explore this side of dating. With this in mind, it is no surprise that reports from Ashley Madison reviews state that it boasts of over 45 million active accounts from all over the globe. Would you like to find out if Ashley Madison gives its subscribers value for their money and is not just another scam? Follow us as we explore more about this online dating site in the Ashley Madison review below.

Is Ashley Madison a Scam or Is It a Legit Online Dating Site?

Is Ashley Madison a Scam or Is It a Legit Online Dating Site?

Ashley Madison is regarded as one of the most established online dating sites whose services over the years speak for the site’s validity. With millions of subscribers paying for its premium features for over a decade now, the dating site has proved to be one of the few scam-free companies in this industry.

The Structure of the Dating Site’s Subscribers

As we’ve seen in this Ashley Madison review, the dating site provides opportunities for people to have affairs. Due to this, most of its followers or active accounts belong to married people searching for discreet extra-marital sexual escapades. With the kind of people that this online dating site targets, it is no surprise that it has over 45 million subscribers spread in all corners of the world. The USA and Britain are responsible for the most significant percentage of the site’s activity.

The Sexual Orientation of the Dating Site’s Members

Most Ashley Madison reviews commend the online dating site for having no sexual orientation preferences and generally embracing the LGBTQ community. Having said this, regardless of your sexual preferences, you can access this dating site’s services as long as you’re operating within its laid-out rules.

The Dating Site’s Member Age Distribution

The majority of Ashley Madison users are between 18 and 60 years old, with a more significant percentage of them being middle-aged males.

How to Sign-Up and Register for an Account with the Dating Site

How to Sign-Up and Register for an Account with the Dating Site

The process of getting an account with this dating site is free, simple, and appeals to people from all walks of life and in all parts of the world. For starters, you don’t have to submit a lot of your details, which makes sense, as it facilitates discreet adulterous relationships. With this in mind, key in your email address, the password you’d like to use for the site, and the username you prefer. After this, you will be taken to a page where you will have to input some of your general personal data.

Examples of the questions you’ll answer here include your location, marital status, gender, and sexual preferences. It’s good to note that some of the details you fill in at this point will form part of the content on your account’s profile page. Finally, you’re required to upload a photo for your profile picture. You are permitted to edit this picture after uploading it and can even choose to hide some parts by blurring it to ensure that you remain anonymous.

Profile Creation on the Site

Creating a profile in Ashley Madison is pretty basic and requires small bits of personal details as it would like to preserve the anonymity of all its clients. Most of them are married people cheating on their spouses. Having said this, some of the details you’re required to update in your profile include your username, area of residence, and age, among others. This information will be displayed on your profile page, and you’ll be allowed to change as many details as you find necessary whenever you’d like.

How Do People Communicate with Each Other on this Dating Site?

Reports from Ashley Madison reviews show that messaging and striking up conversations for women is free. On the other hand, men are required to purchase some credits, which will, in turn, give them access to the messaging platform.

Ashley Madison users are also permitted to come up with lists containing the subscribers they are interested in and can include around 100 people to such listings. In addition to this, a member can choose to delete a person’s profile from their list and replace it with another’s whenever they feel like it.

Another way subscribers can communicate about their interest to another person is by sending winks to them at no extra cost. Once you’ve sent winks to the person, you gain access to a feature known as the Private Showcase Key. This option enables you to view a user’s profile picture without the additional masks or hazy parts of the face. Finally, you can also send a member you are interested in some virtual gifts, but this is a feature that requires you to use extra coins depending on the kind of gift you choose.

What Platforms Are Facilitated by the Dating Site?

What Platforms Are Facilitated by the Dating Site?

The dating site uses two leading platforms for its operations, i.e., the desktop and mobile app versions.

The Desktop Version

The desktop version is simply the website’s platform optimized for use in computers. It contains all the details about this dating site, from the account creation to the support desk, and is the best to use when logging into your account whenever you’re close to a computer as it contains some features that the app doesn’t have.

Mobile App

The dating site boasts of an exceptional app that is available in both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. The app is like a smaller reflection of the desktop version as it optimizes all the relevant website features for mobile use. In addition to this, the app is quite light and doesn’t require much of your mobile device’s space. Note that when processing for services through the app, such as purchasing Ashley Madison credits, you will be required to go through your operating system’s payment processes, i.e., iTunes for iOS users and Google Pay for Android users.

Another key feature that makes the app suitable for its target audience is the icon it uses. The icon easily blends in with other icons from your phone’s app list, and even when the need arises, hiding it is only a few seconds away. The app also makes your connectivity with other Ashley Madison users easier. You can find out who is near your location and link up with them, while the app is notifying you of the people viewing your profile.

The Dating Site’s Design and User-Friendliness

Ashley Madison’s website is convenient to use, simple to comprehend, and has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. All these features ensure that people from all age groups, regardless of whether they are tech-savvy or not, can seamlessly use the website.

An Overview of How to Navigate through the site

The dating site contains a navigation bar that houses all its services and features. This navigation strategy prevents subscribers from spending loads of time searching for something as they’re only required to locate it and then access most of the site’s features. In addition to this, Ashley Madison’s website color (a blend of white and pink) is quite outstanding as it hardly rubs subscribers in the wrong way.

Ashley Madison Costs and Prices

Ashley Madison Costs and Prices

All Ashley Madison services are free for the ladies searching for male hookups. On the contrary, for all the other groups of subscribers (including women seeking for other women), credits have to be bought for them to unlock all the site’s features. You need to pay to effectively communicate with potential partners. The dating site’s premium functions are not accessed through the typical monthly or annual payment packages but are instead dependent on credits bought in bundles.

What’s more, is that not all features require an equal number of credits to unlock. Some functions will require you to use more credits than others. On average, reading messages and sending emails could require around 6 credits. It’s also important to note that replying to a member you had already contacted will not require you to use credits. Generally, the price range for the credit packages is from $60 to $300 based on the number of credits in a particular package.

Is there a Difference between Paid and Free Access?

If you aren’t a lady looking for a male counterpart, then the free account will give you limited access to the site’s connection features. You’ll be in a position to view other members’ profiles and like their photos but not communicate with them directly. On the opposite side, those with paid access can contact the users they are interested in while also enjoying the account’s special features.

The Process of Making Payments

Once you’ve established which type of credit package will suit the features you’re looking for in this online dating site, all you have to do is select it, and you’ll be, in turn, prompted to make the payments for the package. Depending on the kind of payment method you selected for your transactions, you will be directed to a separate page. It will require you to authorize the release of funds from the payment system you chose.

Payment Systems

Ashley Madison gives its members a wide variety of payment systems to choose from when making transactions. With the dating site aiming to attract users from all places in the world, it facilitates multi-currency transactions through payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, and even direct bank to bank transfers, among many others.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security

Earlier on in this Ashley Madison review, we had come across an incident in 2015 where the security of this online dating site was compromised. Some unethical hacking was directed against Ashley Madison’s networks and resulted in some of its users’ accounts being infiltrated and sensitive personal information being made public. This scandal was one of the major setbacks that the dating site has ever had to face, but the tables turned for the better later on, and the site was able to recover.

The silver lining in this situation was that the dating site re-established its security. After filling the cracks that were there beforehand, Ashley Madison rose above the tides and can now boast of better protection than most of its contemporaries. Having said this, you should rest assured of your privacy being preserved and getting the best internet security once you register for an account with Ashley Madison. The dating site uses a significant percentage of its income to employ system security personnel and update its protocols and hardware to ensure that user-security remains strong.

Ashley Madison is among the online dating sites with few scams linked to it. Other than the 2015 security mishap, which allowed several scammers to gain entry into the dating site’s network, there have been no other reports of scams related to the site. As we’ve seen in the Ashley Madison review above, everything about the breach (the scammers included) was tackled. In light of this, you can currently register for an Ashley Madison account without fear of getting scammed.

What are the Dating Site’s Special Features?

Ashley Madison’s setup is quite basic and doesn’t have numerous stand-out features accessible to this dating site alone. Despite this, the site does an exceptional job of providing suitors for its members. Some of Ashley Madison’s key special features include:

  1. Discreet Profile Pictures – This feature permits members that would like to keep their identity under wraps to play with their display picture by using techniques such as blurring to help keep them anonymous.
  2. Use of Winks – Ashley Madison subscribers often use winks to show interest in each other. You can find this tool on the profile page of the user you are interested in. Below their photos, there’s an icon in the form of a face that’s labeled “send wink.”
  3. The Traveling Man – This unique feature comes in handy for the subscribers that are ever on the move. For a few coins, you can send multiple messages to over 20 ladies within the area you are visiting, enabling you to bond with each other days before you meet up.
  4. Priority Person – This refers to a unique feature that spices up your profile to make it more conspicuous in the dating site’s list of potential suitors. Due to this, there is a high likelihood that your profile may end up being different in other members’ search pages than what you had initially created.

Ashley Madison Review Conclusion

Ashley Madison Review Conclusion

Ashley Madison boasts of the unique set of services in the world of online dating. The site specializes in crafting an atmosphere that frees up users and propels them to express their inner sexual fantasies regardless of whether they are married. As we’ve covered in this Ashley Madison review, the site encourages discreet extra-marital sexual encounters. Therefore, if you feel that your marriage or relationship needs some off-the-books spicing up, this is the platform you should turn to.

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